It is a very good institute, I recently completed my course in this institute. It is useful and helpful course for civil engineers. They will teach very well on digital screens. We can practice autocad in the systems after the classes. They’ll provide materials to us. It’s a good institute.
    Good Institute for civil engineer. I have did my courses . I felt it is good who are searching for civil background. These Institute give real time experience in construction field any many more expensive. I gained so much of my knowledge in these Institute
  3. Møhåmmèd Àmëēr Ãlï  It is a best training institut for all engineering students. The staff was teaching very well and with friendly nature.i have complited my course Autocad,Rcc detailing,Revit, Construction drawings,Quantity surveying i have gain more knowledge about all those courses the faculty was explain very clearly.I have suggested who want to gain more knowledge in civil courses ,who have zero knowledge just come and join in to this institute. We will get more information in this institute about all the civil courses.

  4. Pavan
    Presently I am working in as reputed structure consultants in Delhi as a Structure Engineer. I gained skills of analysis and design of structure of high rise building by using ETABS. In OMEGACADD, now a days that is in demand in market and STAADPRO is also in demand, so I designed various type of steel trusses and detailing. As per code provision, OMEGACADD is the best institute in Hyderabad, main think that all faculties are Structure Engineer and not a trainer so which give practical knowledge of structure. Suresh sir and Kiran sir are the best faculty in structure design and all faculties are best. I am proud to be a student of OMEGACADD because of the friendly work by the faculties and environment is very progressive that helps in increasing skill.
  5. N.Raju
    One of the best institutes I must say to carry out the civil related courses. I had the great pleasure of pursuing the course of ETABS from the Ameerpet branch which was taught in the best possible way. The institute is also equipped with a lot of systems to practice the exercises. The best part about this institute is you leave the class with full assurance as you will be getting a great & experienced faculty which are always ready to clear your doubts and questions.I would like all the viewers to undergo the civil related courses from this institute only and not from any other institute as it is worth the money you are spending unlike the other institutes who don`t have a proper faculty and are only interested in finishing the course as soon as possible without clearing any students queries.
  6. JAY SAM
    It is a best training institut for all engineering students. The staff was teaching very well and with friendly nature. I got more knowledge in Auto cad drafting. It is a good thing. Thank you Omega Auto Cad training institute.
  7. Sai kumar
    Took the ETABS course at OMEGACADD, Ameerpet. if one is really interested in taking up the structural design of buildings both conceptual and software based this is the best place, there are good teaching persons giving their time and patience in the process of teaching and clarifying the doubts. Worth joining.
  8. Anil
    I have taken and AutoCAD courses in OMEGACADD where I gained proper knowledge over those software. Here experienced faculty of 15 years explained me in a better way. Now I have a good command over them. I opt civil mechanical students to join OMEGACADD for better results.
  9. Praveen
    I did ETABS SAFE of 1 month course from OMEGACADD and I am confident and fully satisfied with the teaching of OMEGACADD. I am thankful to OMEGACADD for having such an excellent faculties and their proper guidance and they are well character and helpful in nature. The faculties of OMEGACADD are well experienced in teaching as well as they are real time structural consultants and they have excellent knowledge in structural engineering field and also they are professionals in civil structural engineering. So I suggest to every one for their bright carrier choose OMEGACADD instead of joining any other institutes in Ameerpet by attracting with their offers like by one get one Rs.2000 each Rs.3000 each any time practice softwares installation and material etc. Dont think about fees at this moment because it matters for your carrier life. Why I am suggesting like this means I have already learned Staad pro, 3Ds max, Rivet and autocad. Only tools no practical concepts from other popular institute in Ameerpet and I am not fully satisfied with their teaching. I hope you will make use of this feedback and make your future brighter than me. Thank you and have a nice journey of your life and good luck!!!!!
  10. Munukuntla Nagaraz
    Good institute for civil engineering’s.
    I had completed my Autocad & construction drawing courses.
    They have high teaching skills,especially (Prasad sir )
    They treated like as friends, very cooperative.
    Iam proud to joined in this institute.
    Thanks you
  11. Anushya
    Being a civil student I needed a coaching of some designing software`s. I inquired many institutes in Hyderabad and 90% suggestion I got is to join in OMEGACADD institute which is in R.S Brothers near Ameerpet. As the suggestions I got I joined in that institute then I came to know why 90% of people suggested to join here. This is the best institute for civil and even for mechanical engineers. I am taking coaching for Autocad, Staad pro, Rcc detailing and construction drawing. I have gained so much knowledge after joining here which I did not get from my four years of
  12. Kavya Mudda
    It’s good experience learing new things here…
    Teaching good skills & knowledge..Good Place to learn Designing softwares, All staff are well trained and experienced in Good. I will suggest that who are interested to join the civil courses come and join in this institute.
  13. Madhu Myla
    Omega auto cad institute is a best institute for civil engineers. It is very useful for learn the designing softwares of civil engineering with in a less time. It consist of good and friendly staff who help us to clear all the doubts and helps in gaining the konwledge auto cad and drafting and other courses.
  14. P.kalyan
    I Kalyan being a student I completed my B.Tech in civil engineering further I planned for MS in between of this I searched institute for the courses which is going to help for me in MS in that process the name striked for me is OMEGACADD.!yes this was the place which I have gained my knowledge from 1% to 100% when I entered for the first in institute I thought that every institute are giving the knowledge regarding the course which we prefer but my thoughts are flushed out when I listen the classes in OMEGACADD. Because they are not only to give the knowledge of courses they gave a hope i.e how to live like a civil engineer with complete technical skills!the place which has worth of money is only the place OMEGACADD I thank full to them for giving me such great knowledge !PERFECT PLACE TO BUILD A PERFECT CIVIL ENGINEER!THANK You OMEGACADD.
  15. Uzer Ahmed
    I completed my B.Tech in civil engineering. In between of this, I searched institute for the courses which is going to help for me in MS. In that process the name strike for me was OMEGACADD. Yes this was the place which I have gained my knowledge from 1% to 100%. When I entered for the first in institute, I thought that every institute are giving the knowledge regarding the course which we prefer but my thoughts are flushed out when I listen the classes in OMEGACADD because they are not only to give the knowledge of courses, they gave a hope i.e how to live like a civil engineer with complete technical skills. The place which has worth of money is only the place OMEGACADD. I am thankful to them for giving me such great knowledge. Perfect place to build perfect civil engineer. Thank you OMEGACADD.
  16. Zia Uddin
    Done my civil engineering course from OMEGACADD and the teaching faculty for these courses is excellent and collected a tones of knowledge according to my scale. Whatever doubts I asked to faculty, all my questions and confusions were cleared by OMEGACADD which were left unclarified throughout my professional journey. So I strongly recommend all the civil engineers to join this institute to know more about concepts related to civil branch.
  17. M.A. Hai
    OMEGACADD is the best way to explore in your career. I have taken 4 courses in OMEGACADD . Basically I am a civil engineer, and I have joined in OMEGACADD for learning STAAD. Pro building design software . After one month I have decided to take 4 courses with clear view of what to do for my bright career. Staff has good experience in all the sub- sectors of civil engineering . It`s with in our hands to utilize them properly. And to me experience is the best teacher that can teach us to do things in a better way . Definitely you will be paid for the experience you gonna have with OMEGACADD institute. No matter how much they teach you , if your efforts are not there , everything will go in vain .
  18. Chandra Sekhar
    I am Chandra Sekhar, Citizen of Austrailia have 27 years of experience in Civil Engineering stream (Analysis & Design including Detail Engineering). I have perused Etabs/Safe courses in OMEGACADD and found it excellent in every aspect. All the faculty here has tremendous exposure and concepts in all the streams, they are offering. All my questions and confusions were cleared by OMEGACADD, which were left unclarified throughout my professional journey. I suggest every Civil Engineer to attend demo for further clarification.
  19. CH. Sai teja
    I feel this institute is excellent for the beginners of civil engineering who want to dive into the stream to know more about structures and many other related topics. OMEGACADD has excellent highly experienced faculty who guide us with the proper tools required like autocad, staad pro, revit etc and concept oriented subjects like rcc detailing. So I strongly recommend all the civil engineers to join this institute to know more about concepts related to civil branch.
  20. P. Sai teja
    I being a civil engineering student had no idea of the main essence of the branch and I was feeling too low about my knowledge regarding the subjects learned in my B.E. During the search for some technical courses required after graduation, I found OMEGACADD as the first search in Google. My experience during the demo class made me realize that its never too late to learn, so I immediately joined the courses as advised by the faculty here. The faculty is well experienced with all the piratical oriented concepts and are updated with the new technologies used. So I suggest all the freshers to join OMEGACADD. An excellent coaching center to strengthen the subject concepts.
  21. S.K. Madhar hussain
    I feel this institute has given me the additional knowledge practically and also lecture wise. My option of joining in this institute made my mind gain excellent knowledge in respective courses like ETABS and quantity surveying. The faculty I must say, that they are highly experienced i.e for more than 15 years is also an assert for this institution. My best suggestion for the people after in search of coaching should land in OMEGACADD and then I can guarantee that you feel you have chosen the right path.
  22. D.Manohar solomon
    After searching a lot I came here & yes my stars were on right position that I got this institute. I gone through ETABS & STAAD course here and the experience was fabulous. Teaching faculty for these courses is the best and collected a tones of knowledge according to my scale. Whatever doubts I asked to faculty, they explained in all aspects. Yes finally I can say you can join this institute if you really want a good knowledge.
  23. Mohammad Tausif
    The first and only name of the institute that was suggested to me by a friend of mine was OMEGACADD. The faculty here gives us thorough knowledge of the subject unlike other institutes that concentrate on teaching only tools. Faculty here has above 15 years of experience and guide us in all ways so that when we are done with course we are capable to solve projects in a professional way. I`m going out with much of subject than I had before and very confident and proud to be a part of OMEGACADD.
  24. Abuzar Ansari
    My friend suggested me this institute OMEGACADD. When I first listened to the Demo class, I felt that this institute is really good. So I had joined in this institute. When I joined in the institute, I was really impressed with the way of their teaching and the quality of knowledge I gained in this institute. When I attended an interview, the KNOWLEDGE gained in this institute was really helpful and I was placed in a good reputable company. I can recommend OMEGACADD for the students who are willing to gain knowledge and it is totally worth.
  25. Ghulam Tausif
    OMEGACADD is the name that I came through when was thinking to learn AUTOCAD and STAAD. The demo class itself made me join for sure. The faculties are so experienced that along with technical knowledge, they also explain why it is to be done that way only. With site visits and back up classes they offer, you can never miss a single class and this no other institute provides. Joining OMEGACADD was my right move to learn subject and gain knowledge. With-out any doubt, I would suggest this institute, not only to learn subject and tool but also to understand and know where to implement practically.
  26. Mohammad Junaid
    As per me there is no other institute in the city as such that comes close to having breadth and depth in knowledge for civil engineering students. One of the reasons I have enjoyed being at the institute is that they dont teach students limiting only to four walls of the room but they help students in gaining knowledge through practical exposure by taking them to construction sites .The courses offered in the institute have been taught 15+years experienced faculty who worked in reputed companies. This institute helps students how to relate the software outputs and drawings actually utilized in the site .Without any doubt its the best PREEMINENT institution in the city.
  27. Anjan
    I have joined OMEGACADD to get a complete knowledge in the Structural engineering software`s. The courses like STAAD PRO, ETABS/SAFE and preparation of building construction drawings are some of the good courses offered in the institute which can be very useful to the students who would like to get a complete knowledge in the field of civil engineering. I believe the institute is really useful to nourish the skills of the young emerging civil engineers.
  28. MD.Rehan Arshad
    In my opinion OMEGACADD offers the best course structure involving both lab sessions and on site visits. My friends suggested me to join OMEGACADD for learning ETABS. The faculty here is very professional with more than 15 years of experience. The faculty even gives an EXCELLENT prospective of different site issues and the problems faced during construction. They are also very helpful in clarifying all the doubts. I recommend OMEGACADD for students dreaming a job in the core sector companies.
  29. P. Tharun
    I came to know about OMEGACADD from my friends. As referred by them I have experienced the best classes by the faculty of OMEGACADD. Each of them are well experienced in bridging the gap between college learning and site experience. They have explained each minute point which will be used in real time design and even they have clarified every doubt posed by the students. This course is designed excellently by the faculty here and hence I have got full picture about the real time design.
  30. P. Naveen Reddy
    To all the Civil as well students, I suggest OMEGACADD is an EXCELLENT institute to learn the soft-wares (either designing or drafting or for estimation). It was my- self experience that, I had already learned two other soft-wares in two different institutes, but never seen the experienced faculty like here with a great co-operation and knowledge. If you once visit it, you will be automatically joined here. Everything will be designed according to the IS codes & apart from the soft-wares the manual comparison is also done, which will be useful for you in your job. So friends, don`t miss the chance.
  31. Sudheer
    OMEGACADD is the one of THE EXCELLENT institute for civil engineering aspirants. I mean it because I felt that. The faculty here are well experienced and will try their best to pour all their practical knowledge. I joined here and opted for RCC and STAADPRO. All the courses offered are worthy and are very useful. My best suggestion to all is- attend the demo first and you feel the same why I mentioned this institute is THE BEST. ALL THE BEST.
  32. Shama parveen
    I am the permanent residence of Nepal , while coming in Hyderabad it is very difficult to find good civil engineering institute in Hyderabad as there are lot of institute in Hyderabad only I. Initially I had taken demo class of many other institute but while taking demo class of this institute for etab and staad pro ,it was very excellent .The methodology of teaching and way of expressing is excellent. I found all faculty who are teaching here, they teach from basic level so that the student who have poor back ground in study, they can improve there basic and explore out with good sound knowledge, so I request to attend demo for fresh engineer.
  33. M.Prudhvi
    OMEGACADD is one of the excellent institutes for civil engineering courses. I have learnt both Etabs and Staad Pro in this institute. The faculty over here are very experienced and the teaching methodology is excellent . I have taken demo classes in other institutes in Hyderabad too but I found this institute`s demo very good at first. Not only that, after taking the regular coaching for Etabs and Staad Pro, I came to know that no other institute was as good as this one. So, I prefer everyone to join this institute for any civil engineering course. You can just join for demo classes here and you will know the difference. So, go ahead everyone!
  34. J.Tejkiran
    I am a university student, my personal experience about OMEGACADD was very excellent by take caring of students academic activities like software coaching and manual calculations. I never seen this much of experienced faculty in ever Hyd and Chennai. My sincere suggestions to the freshers and who want to get the knowledge pls come and learn for your future.
  35. Bindu
    I learned R.C.C Detailing , Quantitative Surveying, STRAP and STAAD.PRO from OMEGACADD. this is the excellent institute for Civil Engineers. R.C.C Detailing and Quantitative Surveying are the courses this is only one institute teaching in Hyderabad. These Courses are use full for every Civil engineers. All these courses teaching by 10+ years experience faculty. i recommend this institute to every civil engineer.
  36. P. Tharun
    I would like to provide my feedback on the course. I am completely satisfied with the takeaway from the institute. The course strap and Rcc detailing are in depth and the faculty are extraordinarily supportive. I feel the course will help me to grow in my professional life. Thanks a lot for everything and I would definitely refer the institute to my friends.
  37. Susmith
    There are very few Institutes in Hyderabad which gives training in Civil and Structural Engineering but the unique feature here is all the persons who teaches us are technical persons with practical experience Mr. Suresh one of the high credible Structural Engineer in Hyd who even deals with state government and Private works.. He had ventured into Multiple things like Solutions , Training and Consultancy for Civil/Structural/Construction. Just take the First hand Information Visit the Institute take a Practical Demo Interact with people there, observe the ambiance and the premises to know the difference and specialty .There might be chances of placements for those who are interested/Energetic/Enthusiastic/Excited and develops long term relationship with the Institute. I went through a Strap (Structural Analysis Program) and Structural Manual Concepts with a batch of students and refer-ed a lot..
  38. Sneha
    One of the best institute of Hyderabad for job oriented courses. I have learned etabs, straps and safe.I have learned about the practical problems of the construction industry. Mr. B. Suresh has boosted my confidence and inspired to lead the team work. Yes, I will recommend the people to join this institute to learn about the future trend of construction industry.
  39. Raju
    As I was an average student in studies, I really improved a lot in many engineering subjects which were considerably adopted in field(site )as practical knowledge.So I am very much thankful to OMEGACADD faculties.
  40. Tashi
    I have learned ETABS from OMEGACADD. OMEGACADD will give full knowledge about software and manual concepts. This is the best institute for civil engineers. I will recommend this institute to every civil engineer for your excellent career.
  41. Dhanunjay
    R.c.c detailing course can be completed in Omegacadd institute it is a very good institute in civil courses it is best from the so many civil courses advice it is best institute for civil courses.
  42. Divya prabhakar
  43. L.Mahesh
    OMEGACADD best institute in Hyderabad, I have learned etabs & Safe ,learned about the comparative study of manual design and software calculations. Mr. B.Suresh has shared complete knowledge of software as well as manual design. Yes, I will recommend the people to join this institute to learn about the future trend of Design Consultant industry.
  44. Abhishek Sahoo
    I am a university student, my personal experience about OMEGACADD was very excellent by take caring of students academic activities like software coaching and manual calculations. I never seen this much of experienced faculty in ever Hyderabad. My sincere suggestions to the freshers and who want to get the knowledge pls come and learn for your future.
  45. Syed Sajeed
    I Joined The Omegacadd In Ameerpet.. Its Very Excellent Institute For Civil Engineering Courses Especially QS, Stadd.Pro, Primavera & ETABS..Excellent Faculty With Very Experience In Real Time..
  46. Srikanth
    The best institute I can say for structural engineers who are willing to learn the different tools and design techniques for e tabs and safe.. You will get lot of exposure as the faculty here having more than 15yr of experience.
  47. Akshay
    OMEGACADD IS good institute to get practical knowledge of Civil engineering course. To learn any civil engineering software, I will prefer this. I have learnt ETAB and STRAP here. And now I can say I am structural designer.
  48. Sathis
    I have done many computer courses but learning at this institute is very good experience. Faculties are very experienced. Even a Diploma engineer can become structural designer.
  49. Gautham
    OMEGACADD is an excellent institute. I learned here civil courses.. All facilities are exclusive and experienced staff.. The staff guidance is useful for our career. My opinion is best to be expert on courses.
  50. Bharath
    As being part of OMEGACADD I found it as the excellent institute and recommend all fresher to attend the demo classes.. I have joined this institute for Etab and Staad pro. I found experienced teachers with better concept. So once visit this institute and be part of it you will have better experience.
  51. Anshul
    It is an excellent institute for courses regarding civil engineering. I joined here for STAAD PRO. they are really good here. We can enhance our skills other than subject knowledge and also we got practical knowledge even without knowing what is field Which is important for pursuing jobs today.
  52. syed sufiyan                                                                                                                                                                                           I recently completed my courses in this institute.The faculty have immense knowledge and teaches in a professional way. I recommend everyone to join the institute without any hesitation. After completing the courses you can do internship also, which would be very beneficial for you in terms of experience.
  53. Shahida Sulthana Dalazak                                                                                                                                                                   I took structural engineering package with internship. I must say that my experience either in gaining knowledge or looking myself as a structural design engineer without MTech made my decision to join OMEGACADD is right. Faculties clear the doubts, doesn’t matter how many times you ask, they will make you satisfy by giving practical examples and logical reasons for your doubts. You can learn each and every course from the basics of engineering.

    Best part of this institute is they will provide internship which is purely based on the real time projects. To clear the gap between the education and industry, join the internship…

    At some point some civil engineers regret by their decision for choosing civil engineering due to many reasons, i too had the same opinion. But by looking their (Aravind sir, Sai sir, Puttlaiah sir and last but not the least SURESH sir) career and taking advise from them motivates me and made my passion alive again towards civil engineering.